Tibetan Singing Bowls
Sound for Body & Soul Services 

   Sound, music, and vibration have been used for thousands of years to heal the body and calm the soul. Holy people around the globe have sung chants, beat drums, rung bells, and used vibrations of all kinds to help others bring health, harmony, and balance to their lives. Following these traditions, Sound for Body & Soul's C. Marie Maus is dedicated to helping adults and children find and explore the sound and music within themselves—to tap their inner reservoir of joy and personal healing power. 
If you are a person who
   •  is seeking an effective way to calm your frazzled nerves, 
   •  would like a non-invasive method to reduce chronic pain, or 
   •  would like to add sound and/or chant to your mediatation 
you may be interested to know that a variety of techniques, including vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls on and around the body and “toning” with your own voice, can help you.

Sound for Body and Soul Clients/Participants

   Clients have included health and wellness professionals (e.g., yoga instructors, Reike masters, massage therapist, nurse practitioners), classically trained singers, corporate CEOs, and others interested in gentle but powerful therapeutic modalities. Nearly anyone who considers himself or herself basically healthy but is seeking a new avenue for maintaining, increasing, and/or strengthening a balanced state of health is a good candidate for Sound for Body & Soul services.
   Clients' comments about their therapeutic sessions with the singing bowls include, "deeply relaxing", "exceptionally energizing", "unlike any other relaxation modality I have experienced."

C. Marie Maus
Sound for Body and Soul Practitioner

   C. Marie Maus is a certified therapeutic sound practictioner with a Master of Arts Degree in teaching from The George Washington University. She is certified through the Vibrational Sound Association and studied cross-cultural music and healing with The Open Ear Center [www.openearcenter.com] founder/director Pat Moffitt Cook, Ph.D.; the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music with the Atlantis Institue for Consciousness and Music (formerly MidAtlantic Training Institute) co-founders Sierra Stokes Stearns, Ph.D., & Carol Bush, M.S.W./L.C.S.W.; and sacred chant with Vox Mundi founder Silvia Nakkach, M.A./M.T.T.

To schedule a private session, a workshop, a no-cost introductory consultation, or to get further information, please send an e-mail message to